Indian Delights Cooking Class

2+ hour cooking class

Learn to make your favorite Indian dishes gluten-free, plant-based, and soy-free! 

All recipes are Gluten-free + Vegan + Soy-Free


Join Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise to learn how to make delightful Indian Inspired dishes without sacrificing taste, your energy, and joy or gaining weight. This is a fusion of dairy-free, keto, plant-based, low-carb, raw, and gluten-free (and grain-free) dishes and desserts.

Whether you’re looking for a sumptuous curry to impress your guests, an airy or chewy naan 'bread' to satisfy your carb cravings, or a tangy chutney to pour over everything, this list has something for everyone!


How this video class works

A 2+ hour Video Class is available upon registration, along with a detailed digital Recipe E-Book for you to download and print.

Please email [email protected] if you have any further questions about your recipes! We are happy to help with ingredient substitutions or recipe technicality questions at any time.



"Thank you for a terrific class! I made the samosas, saag, naan, and the mint chutney and just loved it! The chutney is outstanding, as are the samosas, and I can't tell you how long I have pined for Naan! I've been Saag that I adapted from traditional recipes but absolutely loved the macadamia-based sauce. Good show!" - Maxime

What To Expect

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Indian Delights Recipe eBook

 All recipes are plant-based, gluten-free, and provide low-carb and low-sugar options. This recipe eBook will be your go-to Indian food menu for years to come! 

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Gourmet Cooking Techniques 

We love to give lots of tips and tricks to make your time in the kitchen even better and more efficient. We will teach you how to avoid common mistakes (as we've been there!) and take your ethnic food menu to the next level.

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Interact, learn, and ask questions anytime

Our interactive online platform allows you to connect and ask questions at any time. Plus, you can refer back to this class as many times as you like! You're never alone in our online culinary academy.

On the Menu

  • Samosas | Made with a veggie wrapper and pureed cauliflower or jicama filling (not potatoes)
  • Mango Chutney and Mint Chutney
  • Garlic Naan Bread (grain-free) | Made using sprouted sunflower seeds
  • Indian Vegetable Curry
  • Creamy Spinach (Saag Paneer)
  • Mushroom Masala
  • Crisp Green Salad with a Light Tangy Dressing
  • Keto Ginger-Rose Coconut Pudding
  • Low-Sugar Mango Lassie
  • The best (and delicious!) replacements for sugar and other acid-forming foods

Having food intolerances can be no fun. We get it! This class doesn't end when we finish. Our community of gluten-free, like-minded gals are here to support you! Join our Pure Joy Support Group so you can ask, learn, and interact with your fellow class participants and our instructors. We have hundreds of women just like you who have transformed their health through this lifestyle and are eager and excited to help you too.


Elaina Love

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 plant-based recipe books, a speaker, and an internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina Love is the founder and director of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, a cutting-edge plant-based culinary arts and nutrition school. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies.

Over the last 20 years, Elaina’s low glycemic, grain-free, full-flavored holistic recipes, and gourmet dishes have shaped the vegan food industry. She has coached and inspired hundreds of aspiring chefs and individuals who want to change their life, both in person and through her online programs.

Through whole, and mostly plant-based foods, cleansing, and fasting, Elaina has healed herself from a serious case of systemic candida, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances during menopause and cleared up her severe skin problems. She is the creator and producer of the first-ever nut milk bag, The Amazing Nut Milk Bag, and continues to create new recipes and content for online courses and retreats.

Katelyn Louise

Katelyn (aka Kate) specializes in healing autoimmune through low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms and superfoods.

She is passionate about the gluten-free lifestyle, after being diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2010. She's mastered her way around a gluten-free kitchen and understands the ins and outs of what it takes to be 100% gluten-free.

Kate has taught and facilitated plant-based chef trainings, detox retreats, classes, and workshops around the world for years. She is a private chef and works with clients one-on-one to help them transition to healthier gluten and grain-free diet with delicious alternatives. She'll show you the top superfoods and which ones you should start with, how to make healing Medicinal Elixirs using herbal medicine and tonic teas, everything you need to know about medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens, and why you need them to heal your gut and boost ur immunity.


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