[Podcast Episode] How to do a 36-hour Fast

Nov 05, 2020

What constitutes a 36-hour fast?

  • Water or Air, No calories (black coffee and tea okay but water is best)
  • Green Juice- for newer fasters you can have green juice (no apple) and black coffee or tea. Or use this as a time to not have coffee, give adrenals a break. No stimulants will help with hunger.

Discussed in this 36-Hour Fast Episode:

The Benefits of Fasting

  • What we both experience anecdotally
    • More mental clarity
    • Pure joy and zest for life
    • Energy
  • When you fast, some of your fat gets turned into ketone bodies, leading to lowered inflammation and stress resistance in the brain
  • NAD+ rises without food, creating new mitochondria (the power-generating factories of your cells (NAD is a coenzyme found in the body and helps your body function better on a molecular level, helps with DNA repair, mitochondrial function (protect brain cells)
  • Ketones also produced during fasting, turn on genes related to antioxidant processes and damage repair
  • As well, these ketones are also used as fuel for the brain and are one of the reasons that fasting is often claimed to promote mental clarity and a positive mood
  • Ketones have also been shown to reduce cellular damage and cell death in neurons and can also reduce inflammation in other cell types.
  • Within 24 hours, your cells are getting rid of old cells and breaking down harmful stored proteins linked to Alzheimer’s and other diseases, called autophagy
  • Autophagy is an important process for cellular and tissue rejuvenation – it removes damaged cellular 

Other Benefits of a 36-Hour Fast

  • Balance blood sugar (lowering insulin, further activating autophagy and reducing inflammation)
  • Increase IGF1
  • Spiritual reset
  • Increased intuition
  • Heightens all senses
  • Hormone and Temperature regulation

How to do a 36-Hour Fast

Example Schedule for a 36-Hour Fast:

Last meal – 6-8 PM – try not to make it too carb-heavy as this will make you feel hungrier the next morning.

Next morning: 

Throughout the day (unless doing only water)

  • Broths (veggie or high-quality bone broth)
  • Saltwater
  • 2nd Green Juice
  • Chamomile tea or other herbal tea

Before bed

Next day

First meal Options:

Regular meal for lunch/dinner (try to stay vegan for the first day to optimize digestion)

Want more fasting guidance? Check out our How to do a Cleanse Program for a full 3-5 day cleanse outline, including videos and recipes.

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