[Podcast Episode] Inflammatory foods that could be destroying your health

podcast Nov 05, 2020

In this episode, we discussed:

The 3 Pillars for Pure Joy Method is used in our coaching program. The first pillar is Balanced Nutrition. We focus on anti-inflammatory foods and discuss some of the most common foods that could be decreasing your vitality and adding to chronic inflammation.

Resources discussed in the episode:

    • Why it’s important to find the best foods for you and why one diet does not fit all
    • Why we are no longer 100% plant-based and what are the best animal products to eat if you choose to add them in
    • Our morning coffee routine and what brand we love
    • What medicinal mushrooms do Elaina and Kate take and how do they incorporate them into their daily routine.
  • Superwoman Coffee Recipe
  • Elaina’s famous Marinated Kale and Chard Salad Recipe

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    • Why is it that we find so many of our clients could be “doing everything right” but still not reaching their health goals? Find out how to fix that.
    • What are the best oils to be eating and what oils should you avoid? 
    • The Whole Foods Market dilemma! Why don't we eat at their salad bar?
    • Our favorite superfoods and herbs
    • What is a good source of vegan iron?
    • Spirulina, why we love it and how we use it. How does it compare to animal protein and how you can supplement with it. How much should you take? Our favorite brands:
    • Reversing cataracts with this special superfood
    • Cellular regeneration
    • Why green herbs are important and why you need to have them in your diet.
    • Why it’s better not to use capsules for superfoods. We believe this is the one key thing to doing superfoods right.
    • Do you have an energetic relationship with your food?
    • Why bitter foods are so important
    • How to create your own kitchen sprouting garden
    • Free Green Juicing Course
    • How to grow your own sprouts
    • Real Salt + Celtic Salt - the best salt to use
    • Our #1 balanced nutrition strategy to start TODAY! Both Kate and Elaina share their favorite must-do to get on track

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