[Podcast Episode] How To Cut Sugar With No Cravings Or Overeating

podcast Nov 05, 2020

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In this episode, we discussed:

The second pillar of the Pure Joy Method is never feeling deprived! Our dishes are tried and tested for quality, flavor, texture, and taste. When you feel satisfied, you stop self-sabotage and unhealthy choices. We provide recipe alternatives for ALL of your favorite foods including cookies, brownies, chocolates, bread, meat, tortillas, and more. Just like the recipes on our website and in our Keto Gone Green Course, they are  FULL OF FLAVOR! 

  • Reducing cravings and helping your body begin to crave the good stuff. Taste buds change so fast. Getting sugar out of the equation helps immensely! 
  • The 3 Pillars for Pure Joy Method used in our coaching program: 1. Balanced nutrition, 2. satisfaction, 3. mindfulness
  • When you have one condition, it’s not localized- that rash is systemic (holistic) and how to get to the root of any condition
  • What makes Elaina overeat or eat mindlessly?
  • Why do people Binge eat?
  • Top 5 tips on overcoming or reducing cravings
  • Our favorite spices that satisfy
  • Ways to find satisfaction other than through food
  • What recipes to replace your “trigger/craving” foods with such as Bread, candy, ice cream, etc.
  • What’s wrong with Garbanzo bean flour?
  • Hormone balancing superfoods
  • Why eating big salads topped with hot foods should be included in your daily routine
  • Starting slow when adding more fiber to your diet- why Exogenous fiber is not recommended (inulin, chicory, etc.)
  • 90% of keto bars are filled with exogenous fiber- why it’s a trick and doesn’t work!
  • Why we love kelp noodles and how we use them
  • Why we focus on coaching women with:
      • Autoimmune
      • Weight loss
      • Hormones (imbalances)
      • Skin issues
      • Brain Fog
      • Poor Digestion
      • Detox
      • Aging- focus on the age reversal modalities

Our Pure Joy Community is built on Keto Wellness Retreats, Keto-Gone-Green Coaching Programs, Daily social media interactions, Live group calls/videos

Our core values

  • Plant-based Keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, low environmental impact, gut-healing ingredients (mood, hormone imbalances all start in the gut)
  • No-Diet Dogma – Flexitarian (not just plant-based and open to doing what works for the individual, at any stage in their life, using sustainable animal products as supplements)
  • Biohacking for women – research and implement the latest in nutrition science 
  • Combining the ancient practice of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, herbalism with plant-based and keto foods
  • Why we are no longer 100% plant-based and what are the best animal products to eat if you choose to add them in
  • Why our Superwoman coffee is so important to start your day right and keep you SATISFIED all morning long: Superwoman Coffee Recipe
  • Check out more free recipes here
  • Our favorite satisfying foods
  • What is a good source of 'FAT'isfaction?
  • Looking at and Blessing your food for extra satisfaction!
  • Our top Satisfaction strategies to start doing TODAY! Both Kate and Elaina share their favorite must-dos to get on track

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Own your health. It starts on your plate. 

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