[Podcast Episode] How to Get your Health Back on Track

podcast Nov 05, 2020

Take your life into your own hands, stop waiting for someone to give you permission, and stay on track once you have fallen off the good eating wagon. We know it is not always easy, so we hope that some of our words will motivate you to put your priorities in order and put yourself first when it comes to Owning Your Health!

Tips To Get Your Health Back On Track

  • Get the family involved - not through force, these recipes are delicious, no deprivation
  • Enlist support from your friends and family
  • Optimize your pantry - keep unhealthy foods out of the house. Tell the family that if they want to eat it, they eat it outside of the house.. Be the change.  Have tasty substitutes for your weaknesses. 
  • Use food to stave off cravings, heal the gut (candida consciousness or sugar bugs), and alkalize the body (get back in balance) so you don’t NEED to use willpower
  • Tune in and have a game plan before going out
  • Plan ahead bring your lunch, prepare extra meals, don’t starve
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Interoception - Learn to trust yourself 
    • The lesser-known sense that helps you understand what’s going on inside your body
    • Having trouble with this sense is when you can regulate your hungry
    • We’ve given up this sense to google, diet apps, diet ‘experts’ so we’ve lost this intuitiveness with food and when to stop (disconnection - we are all about reconnecting to the body and taking our health back in our own hands)
    • Don’t let one set-back keep you from working toward your goal. Don’t get down on yourself if you slip-up -just make sure your next meal is a healthy one!

Resources Mentioned

Own your health. It starts on your plate. 

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