Our Favorite Non-Toxic, Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Aug 23, 2021

With the number of products on the market, it can become easily overwhelming as to which one to choose. That's why we have compiled a list of our favorites that produce actual results. We've added some anti-aging tips along with the products we use. 

If you’re investing in high-quality products, make sure to read the reviews and always vet products and ingredients on EWG's Skin Deep.

Foods that focus on Anti-Aging

Of course, most of us know, you are what you eat, and eating a high vibration plant-focused diet using high-quality ingredients is going to take you a long way in looking vibrant.

We suggest taking our cleanse program to learn how to make juices, soups, and beverages which will help to detoxify your body and regenerate your skin.

Skin Care/Face Care

Your face is the first thing people see. Are you putting toxins on your skin daily? Take a look at the current products you are using. Can you understand all of the ingredients? Chances are if it was bought in a drug store or even online and it doesn't tout its all-natural and or organic ingredients it may be causing long-term damage and hormone imbalances.

We share our daily routine with the products we love and trust: 

  • In the AM, to start, we do a face ice bath by getting a large bowl, filling it with cold water, and 2-3 cups of ice. Dunk your face 3-5 times in the ice water for best results. Ice water baths like this stimulate the Vagus nerve, tighten pores, reduce sebum production, and invigorate and energize the face.
  • Next, we use a Soothing Face Serum like this one OR this Gold Serum 
  • In the evening, we cleanse  with either Best Skin Ever Face Wash (for acne-prone skin) or Alitura Pearl (for aging skin)
  • The face lotion Elaina uses is Alitura anti-aging face lotion. This makes my skin look vibrant and has reduced quite a few wrinkles. 
  • Extra Anti-Aging Bonus
    • Red Light Therapy Wand: The SolaWave Wand is an advanced skincare tool that combines 4 powerful dermatological technologies together for at-home use - microcurrent, red light therapy, therapeutic warmth, and facial massage. The SolaWave Wand is rechargeable and portable.
    • Microneedlinguse directly after washing your face and before the mask and serums. This can help reduce acne scars and wrinkles as well as helping to remove age spots. Elaina does this 5 days a week to boost my face and neck (and hands) collagen production.
      • Use only every other day in the beginning as it can cause small breakouts as your skin adjusts. If this happens skip a couple of days before beginning again. I like to do this in the evening after washing my face and before doing a face mask followed by my serum and lotion. 
  •  Everyday Clean, Hydrating Makeup Routine 

Face Masks

Face masks can be a great way to uplift and revitalize your skin. We actually use a homemade product a lot using Irish Moss. Here's the recipe: 


  • 1/4 cup dry Irish Sea Moss from package
  • 1 cup of water (to soak)
  • 1 cup hot water to blend
  1. Soak the moss for 1 hour or more until it becomes soft. Rinse well.
  2. Blend the moss with 1 cup of hot water until smooth.
  3. Take about 1/4 cup and spread it on your face, hands, neck, and chest. 
  4. Pour the remainder into a small glass jar to save in the refrigerator for the next day. 
  5. Let dry onto your skin (about 15 minutes) then rinse gently with water. Feel how soft and amazing your skin now feels. Follow up your seaweed mask with a face serum and moisturizer.

Acne Treatments/Masks

Alitura Clay Face Mask is the best and most amazing for clearing up acne, tightening aging skin, and brightening. My skin always looks tight and shiny after using this mask. Use it morning or night.

Hair Care



Oral Care

Healthy Skin Starts From Within

We do truly believe that healthy skin starts from within. Our skin is so responsive to our environment and what food we put in our bodies.

My skin drastically improved when I started eating low sugar, low-carb whole, organic foods and getting rid of toxic personal care and cleaning products. If your skin is acting up, typically it’s a way of letting you know something is off on the inside.

Along with yearly cleanses, we also recommend cleaning up your diet with a 30-Day Whole-Food Detox a few times a year to really give your system a clean sweep. 

Own your health. It starts on your plate. 

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