The Pure Joy Method

Aug 25, 2021

Pure Joy  Method - Our proven 3-pillar method for committing to your success 

The First Pillar for success is BALANCED NUTRITION!

Balanced nutrition is the foundation of the Pure Joy Method. We believe that proper nutrition using whole foods starts a cascade of health benefits, including natural weight loss, hormone balance, reduced inflammation, improved sleep quality, and ultimately nourishing your body into a state of optimal cellular function.

Believe it or not, a whole-food diet using a plant-based low-carb approach can be very balancing and nourishing.
Have you ever heard of someone being nutrient deficient from a lack of bread? How about beer? Or sugar? Maybe because of skipping ice cream? We didn't think so! Our focus is on eliminating inflammatory, toxic foods and keeping all the good stuff. We are not about deprivation we are about feeling satisfied and confident in our food choices. Which leads us to our next pillar.

The Second Pillar is SATISFACTION

The second pillar of the Pure Joy Method is never feeling deprived! Our dishes are tested for quality, flavor, texture, and taste. When you feel satisfied, you stop self-sabotage and unhealthy choices.

When you eat well, you reduce unhealthy cravings and help your body to crave the good stuff.
Food is emotional. Giving up bread and sugar is emotional. We often go back to our childhoods to a time when those foods made us feel loved or comforted. We know that it is more complicated than just stopping eating them. That's why we provide recipe alternatives for ALL of your favorite foods, including cookies, brownies, chocolates, bread, tortillas, and more.

The Last Pillar is MINDSET!

Can you believe that this is still the #1 way to change and succeed!? This is the Pure Joy Method's 3rd pillar for our Keto Gone Green Program and our 30-Day Whole-Food Detox Program. As we incorporate mindfulness practices, journaling, meditating, exercise, intermittent fasting (which we do as a group during our program), we can switch our mindset around why we eat and how it affects our health.

We also practice mindfulness around mealtime. If we eat when we are stressed, digestion is not optimal, and we don't digest our food well. So even if you are eating the cleanest diet but you are under stress (not mindful), you are still not going to experience optimal health. Stress (and indigestion) lead to nutrient deficiencies, raised cortisol, accelerated aging, and weight gain, especially around the belly. 
Without our meditation practices and mindfulness rituals, we would be completely different (less content) people. 

With these three pillars being utilized regularly, we've seen a higher success rate in our clients - whether it be losing weight, lowering cholesterol levels, balancing hormones, reducing PCOS symptoms, or simply gaining energy back. One thing we know is that JOY, enhanced mood, and quality sleep increase greatly when we are taking better care of ourselves.

We are listening to you. We understand that stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, anger, etc. can be major triggers that prompt you to turn to the nearest candy bar, ice cream, or box of cookies. These choices can be sabotaging and create more low emotions, even if they are in the healthy section of the store .

We feel you.

We see you.

You matter.

We know you are doing the best you can.

This article is not trying to tell you that what you've been doing is bad or wrong.  It's just time to exchange the "sugar now" tapes for the "I feel good about myself" tapes to run the show!

Inquire to find out more about our programs or join us now for a 30-Day Whole-Food Detox!

Own your health. It starts on your plate. 

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