[Podcast Episode] You Are Enough - How to stop blame, shame and guilt

podcast Nov 05, 2020

"Take a vacation from your guilty, blaming mind"

This episode ends with a grounding meditation. I discussed:

  • Are you blaming, shaming, and guilting yourself or others?
  • Be the witness to the mind- it’s not you, it’s just the brain needing to keep itself busy
  • Our Authenticity and who we are really here to be
  • Distractions that are keeping us form be our True Authentic Selves
  • How Do I Serve? 
  • What Am I here to do?
  • Trust and Surrender
  • Knowing that we ARE enough
  • Positive Self Talk and Conscious Language
  • Every experience we’ve had has led us to who we are today
  • There is an organizing principle that is taking care of us
  • Acceptance 
  • What is Following your Bliss?
  • Embodying deep and profound states of stillness
  • Responding not reacting
  • What is the best way to heal abusers and darkness in the world?
  • Whatever we are shaming we are creating more of in the world
  • Ends with Deep Stillness Meditation (from Panache Desai)

References Mentioned

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