Low-Carb Thanksgiving Cooking Class

Learn delicious Thanksgiving dishes, desserts, and snacks that are free from gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, meat, and soy.

These recipes are a mix of raw vegan and cooked vegan foods.


Are you sick of gaining and losing the same 10 or 20 pounds over and over during the holidays?

It's a slippery slope when we start to eat sugary, addictive foods, and before you know it, you're falling back into your old habits and patterns. The cycle continues at each holiday party, making it harder to get back on track as the weeks go on. Sugar is addictive! Gluten has opiates and is addictive! Processed and fried food is addictive! One bite leads to another...but only every time! 

So why not STOP the pattern and learn how to make your own satisfying, healthy Thanksgiving favorites while never feeling deprived? This could become a new year, a new you, and a new way of approaching life!

This class recording, led by Elaina and Katelyn, is playful, inspiring, festive, and fun. No prior experience is necessary! 

Online learning doesn't mean you go at it alone.

We care about you and want to save you time and money and show you our shortcuts and. things we had to learn the hard way. Plus, we will address your allergy concerns, giving you plenty of options to use in the recipes.

Get expert tips, advice, and guidance on making Thanksgiving  recipes that work every time. We’re not going to leave you to fend for yourselves – this class also includes hand-holding and ongoing support directly from Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise via our online portal.

Recipes Include

  • Sweet & Spicy Coconut Nog | Enjoy a rich and creamy vegan nog with holiday spices and coconut cream (raw)
  • Savory & Spicy Nut/Seed Party Mix | always a hit at gatherings and a good switch out for traditional candy, dips, and chips. Also a great take-along for airplane and car trips (dehydrated or baked)
  • Rosemary Walnut Loaf | A healthier alternative to Turkey and Tofurkey (raw or baked)
  • Low-Carb Waldorf Salad | Combine the sweetness of jicama and green apples with celery, radishes, and a light and tangy vegan mayo served over seasonal greens.
  • Warm Zesty Arugula Salad | A tangy salad with a hint of fresh orange that will delight everyone 
  • Creamy Spinach Dip Instead of using sour cream with dairy, we use macadamia nuts or cashews to blend into a delicious creamy base that would satisfy even the biggest dairy lover!
  • Mushroom Stuffing | Grain-Free and delicious! Hooray! So easy and not addicting at all!
  • “Butter” Sage Biscuits (Ketolicious!) These are the Bomb-Diggy and you won't believe it's not bread! 
  • Cranberry Jelly | Great with everything! No sugar and no cans!
  • Pumpkin Pie with Coconut Whip | This is a comforting alternative to the traditional gluten, milk, cream, and sugar-laden holiday pies. The whipped coconut is heavenly!
  • Pumpkin Pie Pudding | An easy, cheese-cake-like no-bake pudding that can substitute for the pie and is less filling! (raw)
  • Gingerbread Truffles | Decadent gingerbread filling dipped in homemade chocolate (raw)
  • Chocolate-Chai Fat Bombs | These are great to have in the freezer for a quick anytime treat (especially when Aunt Doris arrives with a cherry pie!)
  • BONUS! Miso Gravy

This is no ordinary online cooking class...

In addition to the full instructional and professional recipe videos, we provide tools to accommodate the different ways people like to learn, so you will acquire and retain the information easily!

  • Delicious dishes, desserts, and snacks that are free from gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, and soy
  • Easy to make holiday gifts that are family-friendly
  • How to avoid unhealthy “Holiday Food” at Work, School, or Home
  • Our favorite ingredients and brands
  • How to enjoy a holiday meal with your family without having to feel guilty about your food choices.

 What to Expect 

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Recipe eBook


Get our detailed, professional Recipe Booklet to follow along in class. All recipes are plant-based, gluten-free, and low-sugar.

This recipe eBook will be your go-to Thanksgiving Foods manual for years to come! 

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Not Just Recipes! Upgrade your kitchen skills


You will learn about ingredients used, equipment, tools, and techniques - and tips and tricks to upgrade your Holiday cooking and baking skills to save you time at dinner time.

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Interact, learn, and ask questions, anytime


Join other healthy Thanksgiving enthusiasts and get your questions answered, anytime, to your instructors and fellow chefs with our interactive online course platform.

How to Shop (and get the best deals)


What are the best ingredients and where to shop for them? Learn how to outfit your kitchen like a pro with the top-rated culinary tools and ingredients. You will gain access to our favorite brands and ingredients so you can feel confident you will get the best out of your recipes.

Ongoing Support and Networking in our Private Facebook Support Community


We pride ourselves on our support system pre and post-class. We want you to succeed in your health goals long after your coursework is done! Plus, you will receive bonus recipes by staying active in the group. Sometimes we post a surprise recipe video even after the course is over.

Elaina Love

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 plant-based recipe books, a speaker, and an internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina Love is the founder and director of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, a cutting-edge plant-based culinary arts and nutrition school. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies.

Over the last 20 years, Elaina’s low glycemic, grain-free, full-flavored holistic recipes, and gourmet dishes have shaped the vegan food industry. She has coached and inspired hundreds of aspiring chefs and individuals who want to change their life, both in person and through her online programs.

Through whole, and mostly plant-based foods, cleansing, and fasting, Elaina has healed herself from a serious case of systemic candida, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances during menopause and cleared up her severe skin problems. She is the creator and producer of the first-ever nut milk bag, The Amazing Nut Milk Bag, and continues to create new recipes and content for online courses and retreats.

Katelyn Louise

Katelyn (aka Kate) specializes in healing autoimmune through low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms and superfoods.

She is passionate about baking gluten-free and adapting holiday favorites since she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease over a decade ago.

Kate has taught and facilitated plant-based chef trainings, detox retreats, classes and workshops around the world for years. She is a private chef and works with clients one-on-one to help them transition to a healthier gluten and grain-free diet with delicious alternatives. She'll show you the top superfoods and which ones you should start with, how to make healing Medicinal Elixirs using herbal medicine and tonic teas, everything you need to know about medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and why you need them to heal your gut and boost your immunity.


 Happy Thanksgiving!



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