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Cultured and Fermented Foods Course

In this Cultured and Fermented Foods Course, you will learn how to master fermentation techniques (culturing) like a pro with this comprehensive and easy to follow video series.

Now you can comfortably and confidently begin working with the beneficial probiotic microbes at home. Learn all the basics of 'culturing' your own vegan soft and hard cheeses, sauerkraut, kefir, coconut yogurt, and more!

In this course, you will walk away with the skills to:

  • Pick the right coconuts for your kefir and yogurt
  • Avoid common pitfalls so your ferments don't go bad
  • The optimal time and temperature for culturing
  • Know when to use a closed system vs an open system for culturing
  • What probiotics to use for the best culturing outcome
  • How to create a cream cheese vs. feta vs. blue cheese vs. parmesan using nuts and seeds and coconut kefir
  • How to sterilize your equipment to avoid bad bacteria ruining your ferments
  • What are the best vegetables to use for a probiotic-rich sauerkraut
  • Which herbs and spices are best in sauerkraut
  • Is kombucha good for you?
  • A simple method to culture your favorite foods
  • Optimized your nutrition for gut & brain health
  • Create recipes you can eat on a daily basis (foundational foods)

You can be the culturing master you've always wanted to be - you just need the right techniques to make your ferments unforgettable!

What People Are Saying:

“I consider this the most interesting and fun part of preparing vegan foods. I love to experiment with new things, I am fascinated by the culturing process and I love cheese. The most challenging issue for me from when I started a plant-based diet (I eat cooked vegan food also) was to give up cheese. Over time I tried many vegan cheese recipes from the internet but they didn't taste as I wanted or they got worse before I could even taste them. So, after starting your course, I jumped directly into the cheese-making lessons. And I enjoyed them so much. My daughter also says “wow you made cheese mommy’’. I am still amazed about how these recipes taste, I use this cheese over all recipes where I want to add cheese (cooked ones also), and I have a lot of cheeses in my fridge.”

- Kathy