How To Ease Into a Low Carb Diet Without Stress or Guilt

Season #4 Episode #81

  1. How to regularly test your blood sugar You can start with the a blood sugar monitor or Keto Mojo (blood sugar and ketones in the blood) 
  2. What is metabolic flexibility?
  3. Are you a carboholic?
  4. How to back off on the number of sweeteners you use. Links: stevia powder, stevia liquid, or Lakanto or Monk Fruit Extract- a little goes a very long way!
  5. Why it’s important NOT to snack between meals
  6. Start adding in ¼-1 tsp. medicinal mushrooms such as lion's mane, cordyceps, and turkey tail daily. Watch the movie Fantastic Fungi  for more information on these types of mushrooms. 
  7. Nourish with Green Powder to stave off cravings, 
  8. No one is perfect! If you feel you are going to have a treat (eating out or a special occasion) take 2-5 bitter melon pills before enjoying the treat. If you forget, take it after. Also, try Nopal Cactus (about 4 pills before indulging) it helps lower blood sugar and acts as a gentle bowel cleanser. 
  9. Check out our Free Recipes Page
  10. What is the best way to feel energized and excited about your day? (involves eating in a time window)
  11. How do we feel about fasting?
  12. What we do to add fiber to lower blood sugar and slow down sugar uptake
  13. Getting through the holidays without feeling deprived or guilty. Be true to yourself.
  14. GUT HEALTH AND ALLERGY FOODS: Find out about your kryptonite foods and your superfoods and all about your gut health: use code PUREJOY for discount
  15. The best coffee that we recommend... PURITY COFFEE use PUREJOY20 for 20% off
  16. Are you allergic to mold in coffee and chocolate?
  17. Why stop using the microwave
  18. Try some digestive enzymes or Bitters to rev up your digestion
  19. One of our favorite detox supplement companies is Quicksilver Scientific
  20. Is it okay to microwave water?
  21. Start a food journal! 
  22. See Our Blog: How to Indulge Responsibly over the Holidays



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