63: Have You Experienced The Benefits Of A 1-Day Green Juice Fast?

Season #4 Episode #63


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Elaina and Kate  talking about the benefits of a 1-day fasting challenge


  • What is Autophagy?
  • What are Macrophages?
  • Fat Burning Mode
  • Weight Loss- for stubborn belly fat
  • Extended fasts
  • The camel’s hump is full of fat that turns into water and we are like a camel in that way
  • Can fat be turned into water in your body?
  • Ama = Stagnation or build up in the body
  • What is blood sludge? And how to get rid of it
  • Fasting = Opportunity
  • Celery Juice and Green Juice- Benefits
  • Make a juice “mask”
  • Kinds of Fasts
    • We define Intermittent Fasting 
    • How to do a  1-day fast (18-24-36 hours)
    • Longer Fasts
    • Green juice fasts and what we put in our juices- why it’s important to remove fiber
    • Why we avoid apples, carrots, and beets in our juices
    • Water fasts
    • The importance of 12 full hours of having ONLY water
    • Before you eat/break your fast… stop and drink this one thing! 
  • Water and how to get the most out of it
  • Getting Alkaline
  • What is Gluconeogenisis?
  • The 2 hunger hormones: Ghrelin and Leptin and how they affect us
  • Our favorite benefits of fasting:
    • Mental focus and waking up with clarity
    • Energy
    • Mood Reset
    • Cleansing
    • Memory improvement
    • It’s Cheap and saves you $
    • May  reverse or ease: Diabetes, Cancer, MS, Gut Issues,  Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Importance of breath
  • Honoring your body and its rhythms
  • Making Intermittent fasting a normal thing
  • How to find your WHY
  • Q&A



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