SoulTranSync Meditation and Ho'oponopono

Season #3 Episode #53

In this interview, Elaina and Edward discuss:

  • How Ho’oponopono works and it’s benefits
  • The best way to change your mindset and upgrade your life through a meditation practice
  • Buddhism and addressing suffering
  • BInural Beats and how they work to increase focus
  • Conscious language and why it is important
  • LIfe coaching and why peoples “stories” get in their way of living fully
  • How SoulTranSync guided meditations work and the benefits of using them

is SoulTranSync?

SoulTranSync (STS) is a transformative SOUL meditative practice that offers you a simple and practical approach for exploring your inner path to joy, prosperity, and peace.

As a leading-edge provider of meditation techniques, products, and workshops, SoulTranSync amplifies the effectiveness of the life-healing Ho’oponopono mantra with binaural beats technology. Our teaching adheres to Non-Duality and the powerful transformative practice of Self Inquiry to align you to your True Nature. This combination accelerates the effectiveness of deep meditation to enhance your personal development and drive peak performance living.

Ho’oponopono is a wonderfully simple mantra to learn. Four statements are repeated silently in your mind:

I Love You….I’m Sorry…Please Forgive Me…Thank You

How does it work?

The way STS differs from other forms of meditation lies in its energizing amalgamation of ancient meditation techniques and contemporary brain training exercises. Steeped in both science and holistic healing, STS utilizes the art of Ho’oponopono—a Hawaiian self-forgiveness technique—combined with brainwave entrainment technology, a scientific practice using brainwave frequencies to promote positive human behaviors. When incorporated into daily practice, STS accelerates emotional and physical transformation as well as mental performance. In no time STS will ignite your inner self-awareness leading to a lifetime of divine inspiration.

Like other types of meditation, STS offers the obvious benefits of a healthier mind and body but allows the practitioner to delve deeper into his conscious mind as well as any underlying subconscious elements. By first defining and then assuming sole ownership of your life’s entire accumulation of experiences, you can learn how to release the negative and promote the positive.

Edward Miller has many years of experience as a mentor and teacher

in the spirituality space. His new book Overcoming & Embracing Soul Power will be available in January 2021 and is an excellent way to usher in the New Year! Meanwhile, there is much to share prior to its release.

Well-versed in many aspects of spirituality, Edward has created his own unique methodology titled SoulTranSync. This helps those who practice it inject their lives with more peace, love, and happiness through amplifying the Hawaiian forgiveness practice Ho’oponopono.

By combining these powerful tenets with binaural beats technology, anyone utilizing SoulTranSync will discover that it generates enhancing qualities and positive life-altering benefits.





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