The Pure Joy Podcast

The Pure Joy Podcast

Hosted by: Elaina Love

The Pure Joy Podcast was created by health educator and pioneer, Elaina Love. This show is designed for the spiritual seeker and health enthusiast who wants to improve their life. On this show, Elaina shares her...


74: Lion's Gate Flower of Life Meditation for August 8th

Season #3 Episode #74

Source: Instructions: 1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness 2. Visualize your soul star...
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73: Healthy Food Talk with Elaina and Kate- 10 Ways to get out of a food rut

Season #3 Episode #73

Get your gut tested to find out what are your kryptonite foods and what are your superfoods Why to Eat Local and In Season Best way to find new recipes Variety Try Shopping and doing food preparation with friends...
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72: Healthy Food Talk with Elaina and Kate Episode 1

Season #4 Episode #72

SHOWNOTES Food Talk Episode 1   HEALTHY FOOD TALK EPISODE 1   Chefs Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise discuss their favorite healthy packaged foods and travel food Why restaurant foods are not ideal and why it’s best to...
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71: Why our hormones are so out of whack and what your Dr. isn't telling you with Karen Martel

Season #4 Episode #71 Free Hormone Quiz:   What are Xenoestrogens and why they are messing with our estrogen levels Why are we seeing an epidemic of women with...
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70: Do you know if the medicinal mushrooms you take are good quality?

Season #4 Episode #70

Michael Kuenning is a mushroom cultivator, hunter, and entrepreneur for the past 15 years. He grows an array of medicinal mushrooms for nutritional supplements and works as a consultant in the growing and cultivating...
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69: The I AM Violet Flame Series with Mighty Victory #1

Season #4 Episode #69

St Germain and Mighty Victory work together to bring the Violet Flame to us here on earth to help purify us, raise our vibrations and protect us from un-wanted creations (i.e. dark forces). By invoking the Flame and...
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68:  Using Vocal Toning for Healing AND Powerful Ascension Initiation Meditation

Season #4 Episode #68

Here is the typed Prayer/Invocation:   The original Prayer Recording from Giving Voice to the wisdom of the ages on  Youtube:   ...
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67: Healing Your Thyroid and Being Confident as Fu*k with Elle Russ

Season #4 Episode #67

Today we talk about Elles story and how she figured out how to heal herself from hypothyroidism Your Thyroid and why you should check out this chart and get your thyroid checked Most Drs. are completely uninformed...
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66:  Change your current reality  through mantras, chanting, fasting and opening your heart to God

Season #4 Episode #66

Kedarji is a spiritual leader of Yoga and Siddha Science, as well as, a holistic well-being visionary and natural healing scientist. He has a reputation of leading with love.   He is the Founder of The Bhakta School...
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65: Are YOU ready to STEP into your best self? With Brad Kearns

Season #4 Episode #65

Brad Kearns is a New York Times bestselling author, Guinness World Record-setting professional SpeedGolfer, #1 ranked USA age 55-59 high jumper, and former US national champion and #3 world-ranked professional...
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64. A Soothing Experience of Gratitude Guided Meditation

Season #4 Episode #64

Take a moment to be still and quiet. Listen as I guide you through a gentle soothing relaxation moment where you can let all your cares go and feel into what you are grateful for. I will prompt you and guide you along...
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63: Have You Experienced The Benefits Of A 1-Day Green Juice Fast?

Season #4 Episode #63

  Join our next fasting challenge! Facebook low carb and fasting group: Elaina and Kate  talking about the benefits of a 1-day fasting challenge Benefits: ...
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