The Pure Joy Podcast

The Pure Joy Podcast

Hosted by: Elaina Love

The Pure Joy Podcast was created by health educator and pioneer, Elaina Love. This show is designed for the spiritual seeker and health enthusiast who wants to improve their life. On this show, Elaina shares her...


50: You Are Worthy Of A Glorious Life!

Season #3 Episode #50

In this episode, Kate and Elaina discuss how to realize that you are worthy and worth it! Take your life into your own hands, stop waiting for someone to give you permission, and stay on track once you have fallen off...
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49: Imagining your perfect reality, awakening, and a peek into 4th Density life with Brian Scott

Season #3 Episode #49

In this Episode Elaina Love and Brian Scott talk about: The Reality Revolution How Brians miracle Survival from getting shot “woke” him up to a new reality and got him on the path of sharing knowledge beyond this...
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48: How Kedarji healed his type 2 diabetes, liver and kidney without any drugs through Diet, observation, and meditation

Season #3 Episode #48

Today we talk about   Integrating- how to stick with your healthy diet without dropping out (stay in for the longterm) The macrobiotic diet and how Kedarji got his start in acupuncture and overall healing without...
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47: A Violet Flame Meditation of Peace for the World led by Elaina Love

Season #3 Episode #47

The Violet Flame is Spiritual Alchemy in action. The ultimate purpose of the Violet Flame is to turn the Human into the Divine Human. Its action is to TRANSMUTE denser feelings, actions, deeds, karma, etc. into a...
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46:The Body Electric with Eileen McKusick- How fear shuts down your electrical circuits! Can just using a tuning fork for 5-10 minutes a day help create Peace in your life, flatten your stomach, strengthen and tone your biceps and be able to eat gluten a

Season #3 Episode #46

Today I talk with Eileen McKusick about how using the Sonic Slider tuning fork helped her to tone her entire body and look better than ever at 52 after having 2 babies without exercise or changing her diet. We go deep...
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