The Pure Joy Podcast

The Pure Joy Podcast

Hosted by: Elaina Love

The Pure Joy Podcast was created by health educator and pioneer, Elaina Love. This show is designed for the spiritual seeker and health enthusiast who wants to improve their life. On this show, Elaina shares her...


45: A deep dive into Abundance thinking, really owning your health, how to protect your immune system

Season #2 Episode #45

In this episode Elaina and Kate talk about: Our experience with the Deepak Chopra 21 day abundance course Why we never eat out Crappy vegan food 10-day dark retreat Take a deep dive into owning your health An easy...
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44: Mindfulness for brain health, wellness and weight loss. Get back in your body and find out what’s making your uncomfortable! Part 3 - Elaina and Kate

Season #2 Episode #44

The3rd pillar of the Pure Joy Method Can you believe it? Mindset is STILL the #1 way to change and SUCCEED!  This is the Pure Joy Method's 3rd pillar in our 3 pillar structure for our Lovecamp (4-Week Keto Gone Green...
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43: Satisfaction and You!  Flipping the diet paradigm, 5 tips for reducing cravings/overeating, a grieving process for foods you are giving up

Season #2 Episode #43

In this episode, we discussed: The second pillar of the Pure Joy Method is never feeling deprived! Our dishes are tried and tested for quality, flavor, texture, and taste. When you feel satisfied, you stop...
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42: Inflammatory foods that could be destroying your health. Increase your vibrancy, longevity, and joy while balancing your hormones. Medicinal mushroom and herbal supplementation. Implementing the best diet for your individual unique body

Season #2 Episode #42

In this episode, we discussed: 3 Pillars for Pure Joy Method used in our coaching program Today’s focus is on NUMBER 1: Balanced Nutrition and our protocols  Why it’s important to find the best foods for you and...
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41: Why yoga is a game changer and practical tips for everyday living with Kelly Dinardo

Season #2 Episode #41

If you want to keep getting updates to be sure to SUBSCRIBE! And I would appreciate a thumbs up too! Kelly Dinardo is an author, freelance journalist, co-host of the Living It podcast and owner of Past Tense Yoga...
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40: Sunlight for optimal human function, should we be using sunscreen and wearing sunglasses? How to make melatonin naturally

Season #2 Episode #40

The benefits of full-body sun exposure How sunglasses can damage your health How sunscreen can be toxic Ultraviolet light and it’s healing powers The fastest way to create skin cancer and how to avoid it Is our...
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39: Healing Anxiety and depression naturally, advancing our children's education with Forest Schools, and how to cultivate more mindfulness in everything you do

Season #2 Episode #39

This episode is PACKED with so much information about healing your mind body and spirit in a natural Earth-based way that works!  Description: Amara and Rainbow Dreamer are the co-founders of Wildheart Dreams. They...
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