The Pure Joy Podcast

The Pure Joy Podcast

Hosted by: Elaina Love

The Pure Joy Podcast was created by health educator and pioneer, Elaina Love. This show is designed for the spiritual seeker and health enthusiast who wants to improve their life. On this show, Elaina shares her...


74: Lion's Gate Flower of Life Meditation for August 8th

Season #3 Episode #74

Source: Instructions: 1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness 2. Visualize your soul star...
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73: Healthy Food Talk with Elaina and Kate- 10 Ways to get out of a food rut

Season #3 Episode #73

Get your gut tested to find out what are your kryptonite foods and what are your superfoods Why to Eat Local and In Season Best way to find new recipes Variety Try Shopping and doing food preparation with friends...
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60: Finding your center again with Craniosacral healing

Season #3 Episode #60

Today Elaina talks with Regina about: How Craniosacral therapy works and why it is so effective for healing Subtle life force energy and how it works to heal the body How one's nervous system can slow down and...
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59: The Superfood Queen and why your body needs deep nutrition

Season #3 Episode #59

If you like this podcast and want to support us, please subscribe, like and share. Thank you! Today we are joined by Comet who is a representative of Healthforce Superfoods. She has been a vegan for over 20 years...
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58: Hypnosis for Weight Loss with Elaina Love & Binaural Beats

Season #3 Episode #58

Find a place to lie down and relax. Cover yourself with a light blanket, put on an eye mask, and just relax while Elaina soothes you into a natural relaxation and weight loss state. Please do not listen while driving!...
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57: How to communicate Non-Violently (NVC) Have more compassionate relationships with Kyle Vandenbroucke

Season #3 Episode #57

Kyle and Elaina talk about: Gene Keys How Social Media is creating a big divide in our communities Self Soothing and Self Empathy Noticing your own internal dialogue Noticing and meeting our own needs My last podcast...
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56: Why Are We So Triggered? Techniques to Regain Your Footing, Be In Your Heart Portal, And Follow Your Bliss

Season #3 Episode #56

Here are the topics that Kate and I discussed: Things we tend to turn to when we are feeling out of control: Addictions- sugar, alcohol, overeating, carbs, processed foods, drugs, The News Things that tend to...
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55: Relax into a Gentle guided healing and rebalancing moment in time

Season #3 Episode #55

When you are feeling tired, ill, uninspired, or just run down this 6 minutes of guided relaxation will help rejuvenate your entire body. Dive into a Silver River of Light and heal your body Your body is strong Your...
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Know that you are enough. How to stop blame shame and guilt. Ends with a bliss meditation

Season #3 Episode #54

Today on the show: Are you blaming, shaming, and guilting yourself or others? Be the witness to the mind- it’s not you, it’s just the brain needing to keep itself busy Our Authenticity and who we are really here to...
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SoulTranSync Meditation and Ho'oponopono

Season #3 Episode #53

In this interview, Elaina and Edward discuss: How Ho’oponopono works and it’s benefits The best way to change your mindset and upgrade your life through a meditation practice Buddhism and addressing suffering BInural...
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52: How to use trauma and hard experiences to break through and make a difference in the world.

Season #3 Episode #52

Elaina interviews Michael Arterberry As a seasoned motivational speaker, Michael has been motivating, inspiring, and changing the lives of teenagers and adults since 2008. and...
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51: How to do a 36 hour fast and the benefits with Elaina and Kate

Season #3 Episode #51

What constitutes a fast? Water or Air, No calories (black coffee and tea okay but water is best) Green Juice- for newer fasters you can have a green juice (no apple) and black coffee or tea. Or use this as a time to...
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