Run Your Own Pure Joy Academy Culinary School 


Take the next steps towards the business of your dreams



Be your own boss.

Run your own culinary classes and certification programs, or even health retreats. Nourish and heal your community through the Pure Joy Method.

Bring more Pure Joy to the Planet in the way only your unique teaching style can. The world needs your flavor!

Are you a Pure Joy Academy Level 1 and 2 Chef Graduate?

The Pure Joy Academy Training Program is designed to provide you with all the tools to operate your own Culinary Academy successfully. Our interactive and easy-to-understand platform ensures you have all the information you need to start your own Academy including; selecting and training your instructors and staff, ordering your Level 1 ingredient inventory, marketing and advertising materials, and more.

We will be working alongside you in your first Level 1 Certification Course to make sure you are fully supported, confident, and ready to teach your community the best plant-based lifestyle on the planet.

Reap the benefits of being a Pure Joy Culinary Academy Branch Owner:
  • Save time - We’ve created all the programs for you! You benefit from our years of hard work.
  • No more frustration! Don’t worry about all the back end details like what recipes to teach or how to purchase your ingredients, we’ve done all of that for you.
  • Be part of a team! You don’t have to do this alone
  • Get Support! No more confusion about how to market your classes, how to get people to your course, or how to successfully set up a class.
  • We are just a phone call or email away! We will be here for you to get your questions and problems solved.
  • Student Credibility - We have a client following of 10,000 people, and we have spent 20 years building a 5-star reputation. Our techniques and recipes are world-renowned!
  • Financial Freedom! Once you are ready to go and have decided on your location, you can start teaching and earning an income right away.

What To Expect

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Personal Mentorship

Be mentored through the Pure Joy Planet Approach: Three 1-hour private coaching sessions with Elaina to guide and coach you on a personal level after you are licensed and approved.

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Online Training Program

Comprehensive Initial Licensee Certification Training Program that includes everything you need to know to build your Culinary School. This includes a professional training video course for use of Pure Joy Academy’s proprietary recipes.

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Built-For-You Brand

The use of Pure Joy Planet’s brand and reputation. There’s no need to start from scratch, we’ve got your reputation covered. Plus, get your name listed on in the Courses menu, including bio, business information, and class listing.

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Cutting Edge Nutrition Lessons Lead By Elaina Love

Zoom in the expert in health and nutrition, Elaina Love, during your culinary course to teach your students the science behind raw, living foods.


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Marketing Materials

Besides the listing on the Pure Joy Academy site and outreach to our large network of eager students, we provide Templates of Pure Joy Culinary Academy signs, banners, and other promotional (digital) materials.

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Detailed Shopping Lists

Based on the size of your class, we have the ingredients and shopping lists you need to ensure you are fully prepared.

Recommended Supplier Contacts

Get all of our vetted supplies and equipment vendors to get the best deals on ingredients.

Done-For-You Promotional Classes

These are mini classes for you to teach prior to your level 1 course. This is to build an audience and find your Level 1 Students! We highly recommend scheduling 3 or 4 of these classes before your Level 1 course. 

Hiring Assistance

Recruiting & hiring assistance the right help can seem daunting. That's why we provide access to our Graduates and Interns whom we have qualified to help you.


On-Site Zoom Classroom Walk Through

To get the most out of your students learning experience, the right classroom layout is crucial! We help you set up your space for optimal learning and efficiency. From the dehydrator room, backroom inventory, washing stations, and table set-up, we take the stress out of having to figure it all out yourself.


  • Business card design help
  • Flyer and other advertising material templates (festival banners, food booth materials, etc.)
  • Access to company promotional accessories: Aprons, tote bags, chef coats, pens, etc.
  • Approval and suggestions on your flyers
  • We post all of your  Certification Courses on our website and are sent to Pure Joy Planet networks every month (emails and social media)


  • Level 1 (5-day) certification course materials include:
    • Complete online video training
    • Detailed Staff Schedules
    • How to set up your venue (equipment and kitchen set-up)
    • Detailed pre-prep schedule (what to pre-make ahead of time, when to soak, sprout, etc.)
    • Staff Training Videos
      • How to set up demo trays
      • How to order and source ingredients
      • How to be an engaging and effective presenter
      • How to Run an Opening Circle and Closing Circle
    • Time management guidance and training videos
    • Creating demo boxes and kits for efficiency (with printable list for organizing)
  • Flyer and other advertising material templates (festival banners, food booth materials, etc.)
  • Access to company promotional accessories: Aprons, tote bags, chef coats, pens, etc.
  • Approval and suggestions on your flyers
  • We post all of your Full Certification courses are posted on our website and are sent to Pure Joy Planet networks every week (emails and social media)

This Business Opportunity is perfect for you if you:

  • Love Pure Joy Culinary Academy’s organic, vegan, plant-based, raw and gluten-free recipes.
  • Have an entrepreneurial, make-it-happen spirit.
  • Love yoga, meditation, and other forms of holistic healing and stress-relief, and you believe that high-quality food + daily movement are synergistic modalities of healing.
  • Have some experience teaching this cuisine and are willing to become an expert presenter.
  • Are a natural-born marketer. When there’s something you’re excited about, you are not afraid to talk, tweet, text, blog, email, and call your friends to educate them!
  • Are ready to operate your own culinary trainings and be your own boss, with our help!


To become a Pure Joy Academy Licensee, you need to:


Have graduated from the Level 1 – 2 Raw Food Chef and Health Educator Certification (In-person OR online)

Licensing Application with approval by Director

One phone consultation/ interview with Elaina Love or Katelyn Louise

Signed legal contract and one payment of $20,000 or one payment with the payment plan option

Be Part of a Growing Community of teachers and transformers. As a pure joy licensee, you can also choose to join another instructors training. Our job bank gives you access to dozens of locations for you to gain experience and join the movement!


Elaina Love

Elaina Love is a leading authority on nutrition and health. She's an author of 3 plant-based recipe books, a speaker, and an internationally renowned chef with over 20 years of experience. Elaina Love is the founder and director of Pure Joy Culinary Academy, a cutting-edge plant-based culinary arts and nutrition school. The Academy is designed to teach students how to prepare the best meals on the planet while healing and nourishing their bodies.

Over the last 20 years, Elaina’s low glycemic, grain-free, full-flavored holistic recipes, and gourmet dishes have shaped the vegan food industry. She has coached and inspired hundreds of aspiring chefs and individuals who want to change their life, both in person and through her online programs.

Through whole, and mostly plant-based foods, cleansing, and fasting, Elaina has healed herself from a serious case of systemic candida, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances during menopause and cleared up her severe skin problems. She is the creator and producer of the first-ever nut milk bag, The Amazing Nut Milk Bag, and continues to create new recipes and content for online courses and retreats.

Katelyn Louise

Katelyn (aka Kate) specializes in healing autoimmune through low-glycemic, gluten-free, plant-based foods, with an emphasis on medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms and superfoods.

She is passionate about detox since she was able to renew her health through cleansing and nourishing her own body.

Kate has taught and facilitated plant-based chef trainings, detox retreats, classes and workshops around the world for years. She is a private chef and works with clients one-on-one to help them transition to a healthier gluten and grain-free diet with delicious alternatives.She'll show you the top superfoods and which ones you should start with, how to make healing Medicinal Elixirsusing herbal medicine and tonic teas, everything you need to know about medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and why you need them to heal your gut and boost ur immunity.



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