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Our Mission

Pure Joy Planet is an innovative plant-based culinary school offering wellness coaching, courses, certification programs​, and plant-based food development. Operated and taught by Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise, we serve those who follow vegan, gluten, grain and dairy-free, plant-based keto, paleo and flexitarian diet approaches.

We help women get to the root cause of their health problems, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances by accessing the emotional triggers around food and their health, coupled with the healing power of whole foods, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and superfoods. We do this by meeting them where they are at - we don’t promote dieting, dogma, or restrictive protocols. We support your team of health professionals by supporting you in breaking through old patterns of unworthiness and emotional eating.

Our mission is to teach our clients how to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle that is tailored to their unique health and nutrition needs. Through our online courses, coaching programs, retreats, and other live events, we bring the power of preparing food at home back to you. Founded by Chef Elaina Love in 2010, Pure Joy Planet and our Pure Joy Academy has trained thousands of students from all over the world.​

Our Vision

Pure Joy Academy is a world-renowned culinary school offering classes, courses, and certifications, as live instruction and virtually with the intention to expand our reach to 100,000 students by 2030. Our courses and certifications offer the highest quality of interactive learning in raw, plant-based, and ketogenic culinary arts that focus on real nutrition for the healing chef. As we continue to train our chefs and coaches, Pure Joy Planet’s alumni and trained team will become the hub for those seeking support in transforming their health.

Through our recipe development knowledge in the alternative diet industry (plant-based, keto, gluten-free), we envision Pure Joy Planet connecting with a company who wants to put our high quality organic, and unique foods on the market for alternative health seekers.

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