Private Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Get cutting edge nutrition, lifestyle wellness guidance from Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise



Discover your unique nutrition and wellness needs, one-on-one

We work with clients individually to develop eating programs that meet their nutrition and health goals. Elaina Love and Katelyn Louise specialize in helping you weed through the diet dogma, pinpoint your health trigger points, and find the diet balance you need.

Working with us is not about deprivation or a scale - it's about learning how to target food triggers and cravings and learn how to nourish your mind while feeding your body the best foods for it. There may be one small thing you are doing that you don’t even know is sabotaging your health. Let us help you get to the bottom of your food and health issues and increase your energy, eat mindfully, improve your relationship with food, and learn quick and easy snacks and meals for your lifestyle. We are looking forward to helping you to be your most joyful and vital self at every age.

We help with: 

  • Emotional eating / stress eating
  • Steps to becoming an Intuitive Eater
  • Healing from chronic dieting
  • Eliminating cravings, naturally, while cutting out sugar
  • Getting more variety in your meals with new delicious recipes
  • Shopping for the healthiest ingredients and our recommended brands/sources
  • Transitioning your family into a healthier lifestyle
  • Navigating social situations and traveling healthfully
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