5 Tips To Increase Mental Clarity

articles Nov 09, 2020

5 Tips to Increase Mental Clarity

Do you have it? Thousands of Americans claim that they lack the mental clarity and focus to get through a workday. Most people with brain fog also lack motivation and decision-making becomes especially hard.

But brain fog isn’t just annoying, it can actually be a sign of increased cognitive decline and brain disorders (which hits home for us, as both Alzheimers and dementia have taken some dear family members we love and miss). 

That’s why we are all about supporting brain health by increasing mental clarity and REVERSING brain aging. One way we do this is through diet. Considering your brain is the most complex organ you have, eating the wrong foods will greatly reduce your brain’s ability to function properly.

Anything that causes inflammation — processed foods, refined carbs, MSG, dairy, gluten, and sugar puts a squeeze on your brain. 

Below are our Top 5 ways to increase mental clarity:

  1. Getting good quality, deep sleep. This is the most important way to recharge and heal your brain. Fatigue is one of the primary contributors to brain fog. We suggest turning off ALL technology at least 1 hour before bed. Technology like laptops, tablets, and smartphones all emit something called blue light which stimulates the brain to think it’s day time, not allowing the body’s natural circadian rhythms to switch over into nighttime. We also suggest dimming all household lights and turning your house temperature down to at least 68 F (sleep quality is dramatically improved when we sleep in colder temperatures)
  2. Eating low carb (keto style) with lots of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich plant foods (algae like spirulina, bitter greens, herbs, walnuts, berries, etc.) and healthy fats with omega 3’s. That’s why we have our clients follow a plant-based keto diet to recharge our brain and increase focus for at least 4-week time periods.
  3. Using stress-reducing adaptogens like holy basil and ashwagandha. High cortisol and stress can mess with your hormones causing chronic brain fog and fatigue. Ashwagandha supports the maintenance of normal cortisol levels and healthy adrenal function, keeping stress and brain fog at bay.
  4. Exercise is an immediate mental booster. Taking a brisk walk or jumping on a rebounder is great for supporting the growth of new brain cells while stimulating more blood flow to the brain. We suggest that if you sit for long periods of time, get up and walk around. 
  5. Take a natural nootropic like Qualia. Listen below to the full podcast Elaina interviews Ben Cote who works at Neurohacker Collective who explains why and how to take natural herbal brain-boosting supplements (nootropics) for the long term brain health. Get 15% OFF your first purchase when you enter the discount code PUREJOY at checkout: https://neurohacker.com/

Own your health. It starts on your plate. 

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