Coffee is good for you. Right?

Apr 15, 2021

Coffee is good for you. Right? The answer is, "Well it depends... not necessarily..."

Some people love coffee, but they've had to give it up because it bothers their stomachs or gives them the jitters. Indigestion, acid reflux, and a general feeling of malaise around the gut are common complaints of regular coffee drinkers. As a result, coffee lovers either stop drinking coffee, drink less, or just suffer through.

The truth is, not all coffee is created equal—especially when it comes to your health.

Some toxins are caused by fungi, such as Aspergillus or Fusarium species, which produce mycotoxins. Both of these known mold-producing fungi are commonly identified in low-quality, poorly processed coffee [1]. Ingesting mold or moldy foods is known to cause a variety of adverse health effects, including stomach pain, acid reflux, and indigestion. Many fungi produce metabolites called mycotoxins, which are known to be common in cheap quality, poorly-processed coffees. Ochratoxin A, a by-product of mold, is a known fungal toxin in coffee [2] that has various adverse effects on human health.

Pesticide residues, if they remain on coffee, could also contribute to stomach troubles. There are various stomach and digestive-related symptoms which are related to acute pesticide poisoning. However, these symptoms are usually expected in high-exposure (poisoning) situations. This doesn't mean that pesticide residues cannot irritate your stomach, but this is a challenging topic to study, and therefore more research is needed in this area.

Coffee naturally contains oils, and fresh, well-roasted coffees provide enjoyable aromatic experiences, as well as Nutrition. Oils exposed to oxygen become rancid, and when oils break down, other products form with toxic or unknown effects on our body's functions. We found numerous studies going back over 100 years on the negative effects of rancid oils on the stomach and body foods.

We encourage everyone to drink a specialty-grade (i.e. high standards), organic, confirmed toxin-free, medium-roasted coffee to make sure you are setting your body and your stomach up for success.

Since switching from regular organic coffee to Organic Purity Coffee, I notice that I no longer get edgy or jittery after drinking my morning coffee. Since I love to blend some coconut oil and superfood mushrooms into it, I get even more of a brain-boosting bonus (see our recipe). I sleep really well as this coffee is energizing but not adrenal-depleting.

Everyone whom I've turned on to Purity (including my sister) tells me how much better they feel since switching! What I've noticed is that when I have coffee at a friend's (not Purity) or go out for coffee, I have a hard time sleeping and I feel a little edgy.

Purity Coffee

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Purity Coffee: Taking an existing superfood to a whole new level.

Purity Coffee maximizes the amount of healthy CGAs in coffee to the perfect level. This organic, specialty grade coffee tests clean of pesticides and contaminants like kidney-damaging Ochratoxin A. Then the magic happens--Purity's scientifically designed roasting protocol hits the sweet spot where there are the most antioxidants and the fewest PAHs (harmful compounds that develop when coffee beans are scorched). The result is a delightful medium roast that is chock full of life-enriching antioxidants.

We at Pure Joy Planet all drink Purity Coffee daily for these reasons. We love to support companies doing it right, with our health in mind. We want to give you the chance to taste the Purity difference as well.

AND...we've provided our favorite morning recipe with the bonus benefits of medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic herbs, longevity powder, and brain-boosting tonics in our recipes, we maximize the health benefits of drinking coffee. 

Pure Joy Blended Superwoman Coffee- What We Use:

Get the full recipe here!

Try Purity for yourself and let us know what you think! They also have a great decaf which I have switched to for a while in order to take a caffeine break. It's delicious!" We just can't keep it to ourselves...we want you to enjoy the best coffee we've ever had!

Purity Coffee

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