Craniosacral healing and how it can heal your body and nervous system with Regina Callahan

podcast Jan 08, 2021

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“Underlying and weaving through all of my work is my long-time practice of meditation. My grounded presence, compassion, and willingness to listen are the gifts that I bring to each individual session.

Recognizing the connectivity of all beings and honoring the uniqueness of each person, I tailor a session to the needs of an individual. I use my gifts of perception to sense deeply into what is needed for a client to heal. I have a diverse background to draw from. My techniques range from very gentle to deep, from profoundly still to dynamic therapeutic deep tissue or movement.”

Regina Callahan, LMT has been passionately studying, practicing, and teaching massage and bodywork since 1986. She is Board Certified by the NCBTMB.  She is a Certified Biodynamic Cranial Touch/Stillness Practitioner, Certified Visionary Craniosacral Work Practitioner, Certified Orthopedic Massage Practitioner and Instructor, and a Yoga Instructor. She has over 4000 hours of training in a variety of bodywork techniques.

Her work and teaching employ 4 strong yet fluid and flexible pillars that form the "automatic suspended shifting fulcrum" (1) foundation of her work - Craniosacral Work, Orthopedic Massage/manual therapies, Meditation, and Nature

Today Elaina talks with Regina about:

  • How Craniosacral therapy works and why it is so effective for healing
  • Subtle life force energy and how it works to heal the body
  • How one's nervous system can slow down and resonate with the healer's energy
  • How our own resonance and energy affects those around us

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