10 ways to get out of a food rut

Jul 12, 2021

It happens to the best of us. You finally figure out a healthy meal or snack that you love – and it quickly becomes your “go-to” food that you end up eating daily for months on end!

Maybe it’s a green smoothie for breakfast, every day. Or sweet potatoes as your healthy starch, with every meal. Or broccoli as your side dish, with every dinner. 

Mother nature has a built-in device to help us with overdoing one food – seasons! We love to eat seasonally in order to make sure we are getting a wide range of health-promoting nutrients in foods. But globalization has ensured that we can purchase mangos in the middle of winter and winter squash in the middle of summer. 

Food allergies and aversions can be mitigated by simply eating according to your season and availability.  Below we give you 10 ways to get out of a food rut that may help keep your gut and body healthy in, long term.

10 ways to get out of a food rut

  1. Get your microbiome tested to find out what are your kryptonite foods and what are your superfoods: we love Viome
  2. Eat local and seasonal: shop at your local farmer's market to get inspired to eat what's grown in your region (search your regional season food with this guide)
  3. Search Google or Pinterest to find new recipes or buy a new cookbook
  4. Add Variety: switch up one veggie or protein for something different
  5. Try shopping and doing food preparation with friends: plan a potluck or dinner themed party
  6. Take cooking classes online and in-person: Learn a new cooking skill to get inspired
  7. Invest in new equipment that will inspire you: Instapot, dehydrator, air fryer, spiralizer, etc.
  8. Try a raw food cleanse or a 3-day blended cleanse
  9. Do an all fruit day
  10. Try a one-day fast to reset the brain and palate


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Own your health. It starts on your plate. 

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